Dr. Denis Gingras の経歴

Updated on 2008年 08月 18日



Dr Denis Gingras, scientist, artist and musician was born in Quebec city the 19th dembre1956. Passionate for drawing since the early age, he started to paint in oil at the age of 10. He made his first solo exhibitions in Quebec city from 1970 to 1973. From 1976 and on , his trips around the globe will bring him to live in various areas of the world such as in Western Canada (2 years), in Germany (5 years) and in Japan (2 years). During these years, he then takes the opportunity to paint the various landscapes and cultures and also to visit the best museums of the world where he learns so much from the great masters. Multidisciplinary figurative painter, he masters various techniques such as oil painting, watercolor, pastel and drawing. Technician in nature, he enjoys making his own supports, colors, and mediums. Sounded craftmanship and solid work are very important to him.





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